Canny Glaswegians are cottoning on to the benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds. This new innovation in window treatments makes it easy for you to have stunning blinds on uPVC windows and doors.

Perfect Fit Frames give you blinds without drilling, holes or screws. How? The blinds click into a uPVC window between the glass and the beading, which makes them suitable for uPVC doors too. Blinds are neatly positioned in the windows frame.

These amazing blinds will be a part of your window or door which means they don’t cover up handles; so opening windows and doors is quick and easy.

When your window or door opens the blinds move with it. This means no tangled blinds, and blinds that don’t blow about even when it’s windy.

The Perfect Fit System is suited to roller blinds, pleated blinds and venetians.

Perfectly fitting blinds for even the most awkward window

Do you have tilt and turn windows, a skylight or a bay window? If so you need Perfect Fit Frames. They are also great for doors and conservatories and if you have windows close together or a door with a window next to it; each can have its own perfect blind

Bin your outdated curtains

Perfect Fit Blinds are today’s dressiest treatment for uPVC windows. You get privacy and light control in a neat stylish frame that looks better than bulky curtains.

No problems opening doors and windows 

With these blinds you can easily open doors and windows. The handles are easily reached as they are not covered by your blinds.

No Gaps

These blinds are designed to fit every window perfectly, leaving no gaps anywhere, which means you get complete privacy.

Matched to your windows

These are available in white, golden oak, silver and brown to match typical uPVC windows.

Well fitting blinds that meet every taste

Hillarys Blinds offer roller blinds, venetian blinds, pleated blinds and wooden blinds in Perfect Fit Frames. There are loads of colours and patterns to choose from and performance linings can be added.

Safe for family homes

These blinds do not have any loose cords.

Open and lower from the top or the bottom. 

These blinds are popular for their top-down and bottom-up opening options.

Choose these if you hate clutter

These blinds take up less space and don’t infringe on your window sill, giving a modern clutterless finish.

Why Perfect Fit Blinds are a great choice

  • Designed for uPVC windows
  • Perfect for twist and turn windows, skylights and doors.
  • Colours that match uPVC doors and windows
  • No drilling, holes or screws
  •  A perfect fit guaranteed
  • Kiddie safe
  • Quick to click out and clean
  • Free measuring and fitting
  • 3 year guarantee

Hillarys Blinds are Scotland’s leading supplier of Perfect Fit Blinds. They offer the biggest choice of blinds for perfect fit frames and have experienced local staff to measure and fit your blinds.

To arrange for a local consultant to visit you and professionally measure up for your new blinds click here.

Should you want to go back to our range, we have a huge selection of blinds compatible with our perfect fit systems. We know you’d like to see all of them!