Are you looking for a more unusual window covering? How about window shutters? These will set your home apart, last for a long time and do so much more than just look decorative?

Shutters are an investment and look fantastic in any home. They are a modern and practical alternative to blinds. Shutters are available in different materials and a wide choice of colours. They can be easily customised to suit your home.

Odd shaped windows?

Not a problem. Shutters can be tailor made to fit any shape or size of window. No window is ‘ too difficult’ when it demands shutters.

Long Lasting

Shutters are designed to give long lasting wear. They outshine blinds for durability.

Privacy and light control

Shutters are an excellent choice when privacy is your priority or you need increased control over light in your home. Take a look at Hillarys’ exciting range of shutters to choose the one that meets your needs.

Hillarys range of shutters

Tier on tier shutters

Stylish shutters with the added benefit that you can open the top and bottom panels independently. These made to measure shutters are available in painted or natural finishes.

Full height shutters

The tall full height sections give a neat attention grabbing appeal. These customised shutters are easily tailored to suit your taste and match your decor.

Cafe style shutters

This decorative style of shutter fitted to the lower part of a window only, is as suited to modern homes as it is for Victorian and Edwardian properties. Cafe style shutters are an elegant substitute for net curtains as you gain privacy without losing out on light. These shutters are perfect for limited budgets as they are more affordable than other styles of shutters.

Tracked shutters

These are the perfect shutters for large windows. This type hangs from the top and has a bottom track to guide the blinds movement. A more expensive option than other types of shutters due to the tracking system.

Shaped shutters

The custom made shutters for unusual or awkwardly shaped windows. This style is a fantastic choice for highlighting spectacular architecture. Shaped shutters tend to be costlier due to their non standard shape and size.

Solid shutters

These are perfect for doors, as a solid panel is built into the lower section of the shutter. The top of the shutter has louvres. The bottom section is robust whilst the top louvers can be opened. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Choice of louvre widths

Let your Hillarys expert show you the available louvre widths and help you choose the best ones for your window. Thinner slats are popular for small windows and wider slats look stunning on larger windows.

Amazing selection of colours

You shutters can be finished in almost any colour to look fabulous in your home.

Choice of hinges

A wide choice of hinges guarantees there is a hinge to suit your taste.

Free advice on shutters

A Hillarys’ expert is the best person to advise you on the most suitable shutters for your home. Your local expert will show you samples, measure right down to the last millimetre and install your shutters quickly and professionally.

To arrange a free home consultation for your shutters click here.

If these aren’t for you, you can take a look back to our range we’re sure you will find something that is suited to your style.