Are you looking for a modern substitute for curtains? Do you need a fusion of function and style? Then vertical blinds are your solution. These trending and practical window coverings are high on style and available in lots of colour choices and patterns.

Vertical blinds means deliver the look you want. They are available in moisture repelling materials, great for bathrooms and easy to clean fabrics for kitchens.

Vertical blinds are a refreshing alternative to horizontal blinds.  They are especially ideal if you have bigger than average windows, bay windows or windows that slope.

These blinds are the practical, affordable window covering for conservatories and patio doors.

This versatile window treatment can be fully drawn to the side of a window when you want to enjoy the view or need to keep an eye on your wee bairns.

An original way to vertically dress windows 

With this vertical window treatment you bring an exciting, trendy and new look to a room.

Get your preferred level of light

These blinds give you the power to control exactly how much light you allow into your home. You can block out sunshine and gain shade or stop outsiders peering in without losing out on light; just by rotating the slats to the angle that best suits your needs.

Increase security.

These blinds make it difficult for burglars to know if your house is occupied or not, which means they deliver a greater level of security.

A Neat and clutter free window covering

When open or closed these blinds give your home a slick and uncluttered appearance. You get no unsightly gaps when verticals are open, as your window’s length is still covered.

Greater privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms

When closed these blinds give full privacy and can be adjusted to let in the amount of light you desire.

The trending window treatment for offices

Want to give your office a sleek, modern look? Looking for a window covering that prevents glare on computer screens? With vertical blinds both these issues are solved. Vertical blinds make working more pleasurable and protect technology from sun damage.

Perfect for your patio doors

With these blinds, patio doors are easy to open and you don’t have reduced headroom. These blinds can be fully pulled to one side, giving ease of access.

Low maintenance blinds

Looking for a window covering that collects less dirt and dust? Verticals are the answer. Not only do they attract less dust than horizontal blinds, they are easily wiped over, so they remain looking great with the minimum amount of care.

Worried about Child safety? 

Hillarys’ fit their vertical blinds with child safety hooks. They also offer a range of wand controlled verticals that have no chains or chords.

The affordable covering for large windows

Big windows and patio doors can be expensive to dress. These blinds are the most cost effective way to dress larger windows and wide patio doors.

Why vertical blinds are a great choice

  • Trendy alternative to horizontal blinds
  • Fabrics and colours to match your room
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Fully adjustable to your lighting and privacy requirements
  • Available for large windows
  • Measured and fitted by a local expert
  • 3 year guarantee

Take a more detailed look at Hillarys’ range of vertical blinds here.

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